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File transfers are flat $10!

What's new in this edition? It's the most complete Kaput archive yet!

- New 2010 section: 150+ new full color pics in beautiful hi-res!
- Sketch Diary 5: 300+ pics encompassing all sketchbook pages and lottery work from the past year!
- Kaput Lost Episodes: 150+ older drawings once lost brought to light! If you like classic Kaput then you'll enjoy seeing older finished works not included on the archive until now, plus lots of scans of older drawings in the inked stage before color! It's great for people who like to color other peoples' drawings... you know, if you're into that sort of thing! ;3
- Best Of Kaput: 40 of my best classic images now re-saved at a higher res for your viewing pleasure!

Plus all archives re-combed to ensure all files are accounted for and functional! Some overlooked images have been double-checked to make for as complete a collection as possible!

As of 1.25.2011, this is the definitive edition!
The next edition will be printed for summer '11!

Want to order one? e-mail me at kaputotter@gmail.com today! ^_^