My e-mail is kaputotter@gmail.com! Feel free to drop me a line anytime! ^_^
But do note that this is NOT my PayPal address!! We'll discuss that later...

Pricing (in USD)

All prices start at one figure. More figures and backgrounds are negotiable.

Watercolor Painting
$50+ (9x12")
$100+ (11x14")
More detail and other sizes available.
You get a hi-res copy of the file!
Includes clip!!
Pencil Sketches
Just need a quick sketch? No problem!
For all your forum needs.
Anything else...
Let's talk!
I like challenging new projects!

General Policies

Shipping Fees
If you're interested in claiming your original I'm more than happy to mail it to you as long as you cover the cost of shipping. Based on where you're located I can give you an estimate of how much the shipping will come to. It's generally $5 within the US and Canada and $7 overseas!
Age Statement
I may ask you to please provide a signed and dated statement of age either through email or regular mail. The statement should read: "I, [NAME], the undersigned, verify that I am of legal age in my country of origin to view and possess these items."
Subject Matter
I will not draw trademarked characters, extreme violence, non-consensual scenes, scat, pedophilia or bestiality.
Reproduction Rights
I retain copyright on all work produced which means that I may reproduce the work for prints, online display, compact disc, t-shirts and promotional items. If you are uncomfortable with your commissioned work being reproduced I am willing to negotiate a buyout of the reproduction rights on a case-by-case basis. Please be aware that all image rights default to me under current International Copyright Law regulations unless you negotiate a buyout.
All work produced can be redistributed online by their respective commssioners as long as the image is not cropped, the copyright and signing are visible and the image is unaltered. No work can be resold or redistributed in any other way without prior permission.

Payment Options

I am now taking AlertPay, which functions just like PayPal but even better! Their fees are cheaper, their policies more relaxed, and it's just as easy for many people in the world to use. Try it out!
Please note that my PayPal address is not my email address, the address will be given out only when the commission is accepted for security reasons.
Money Orders (domestic and international)
Postal orders are preferred but cashier and bank orders are also accepted.
Personal Checks
All personal checks must go through clearance before work can begin.